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The architectural heritage of the Old Brest-Litovsk was destroyed in the nineteenth century. Like many other historic cities located between the rivers Bug and Dnieper, it has been not yet subject to a thorough archaeological analysis as to urban planning. Since many of today’s architects and urban planners apply in the drastic methods of spatial design without taking into consideration the morphogenesis of the old town, it makes such a research in future impossible, as there is a threat of irretrievable losses of the historic urban complexes of the old town.
Meanwhile the advance of computer technologies opens up new vistas for researchers, facilitating the process of integration and comparison of the previously stored data with the contemporary geodesic maps, satellite images . These quite inexhaustible possibilities evoke modest optimism that modern technologies can speed up the urban research of devastated cites.
Satellite mapping technology provides a chance to overlay old and present-day maps and analyze the changes of urban spatial forms in the course of time. Such technologies encouraged the author to carry out a research of the layout of chartered Brest-Litovsk


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